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to sell a thriving and profitable medical/veterinary business for the best possible price, in as concise a period of time as possible, all while keeping the entire process confidential so that Customers and Employees were not given any cause for concern and the business continued to thrive (and to expand and grow at the same rate that it had already achieved in the prior years).  Oh, and don’t forget to add in a global pandemic that shut down the entire economy too.


After consulting with the principal of the business (and the property) we strategized a plan to pay careful attention to the details on readying the business and property for a Whisper Listing presentation to potential buyers.  We created a Due Diligence data room and assembled the Confidential Information Memorandum and Public Teaser/Executive Summary along with a marketing campaign of

We had the entire property professionally photographed and HD4K drone aerial photos taken as collateral to include in the Confidential Information Memorandum, the listing details and visuals for posting to multiple commercial real estate and business sale platforms, email blasts and social media postings.


While the business sale market was entering a pandemic-related slump in early 2020, that did not give us permission to slack off on what we do best: ensuring full visibility of the opportunity along with both online and real world targeted calls to action for the optimum buying demographics, painting a clear picture of the opportunity for a variety of Buyer types, bringing the story of the business to life …all backed up by the full spread of available and relevant commercial facts about the business – these are ALL necessary when selling businesses and commercial properties as investments.

Backed by our in house marketing department Elite Partners Create (EPC) we were able to appeal to the full base of nationwide veterinary brands and local veterinary owner-operator buyers and the end result was: …multiple offers and a closing SOLD price of 9 X Average Adjusted EBITDA along with a long term lease on the property! This was more than double what the professional veterinary business valuation firm had told our Client that they could receive for their business. Our MARKETING WORKS!

The Elite Partners believe that first impressions make a huge difference. We want every impression consumers see when considering your property to see the value, to understand the story of the business. We strive to create a story for every property/business that allows the consumer to imagine what it might be like owning, residing and or investing in your property. What the neighborhood and community are like and most importantly why your property is so special. We don’t place cheap paper flyers in the brochure box, we design striking elegant high-end brochures for all our properties. When a consumer comes in touch with your property and their first impression is grabbing a brochure from the box attached to your sign, they are wowed at the velvet touch and sophisticated layout designed to show off your properties best qualities

How Are Marketing Works

To effectively prepare your home for the market and to ensure we provide maximum exposure via our global connections we utilize our in house marketing department. Elite Partners Create (EPC) which excels in the art of branding properties and developments. EPC offers a fully integrated marketing solution with a scope of work that encompasses everything from branding to web design, advertising to public relations.

A team of graphic designers, analysts, tech gurus and marketing specialists offers strategically driven marketing solutions for buyers, sellers, developers and investors across the globe. The creative team leverages relationships with traditional and new media outlets, as well as the most emergent technologies and social media strategies, to ensure maximum exposure for the properties we represent. EPC works to bring properties to life in the most comprehensive and compelling way possible.

We spend money to market your home. Most agents only put your property on the multiple listing service, loopnet, Co-Star and install a sign on your property and hope it sells. Our 19 point selling strategy ensures we find buyers. Our 130,000 RE/MAX agent network, our local network of agents and consumers throughout the Bay Area give us access to their attention and we send them via email, property emails delivered to every agent in the Bay Area, we advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Google and gain thousands of impressions through the course of selling your property. We are able to pinpoint consumers who have visited sites like Crexi, Co-Star, LoopNet  and more in the last 30 days and get your property’s ad right in front of them numerous times. It’s not rocket science but it is science and understanding how to effectively reach buyers in today’s complex marketing arena is a strong advantage for us. 

 If you are thinking of selling in the future we would love to be your REALTORS! We will work hard, fast, and efficiently at telling your property’s story. It’s what we do best. We are not just real estate agents. We are a marketing machine designed to share the stories of properties across our footprint.  Call us 707.410.5399  or send us a message online through our website or by connecting with us on social media. We are local and most likely one of us is close to your neighborhood. 


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The key to making this business look easy is that I surround myself around a brilliant team of professionals and clients. I am passionate about Real Estate and look forward to waking up each morning to help clients reach their goals and live their dreams! [more…]

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