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A Brief History of the Vision…

For over fifty years, the Solano County Historical Society worked tirelessly to preserve our history for the enjoyment of current citizens as well as future generations. In 2005, the Solano County Historical Society approve a separate organization to focus its energy into creating a museum to preserve local history.  The Solano History Exploration Center (SHEC) was specifically formed and developed to create such a place.  It received it’s own 501(C)3 status in 2007 and has since been busy creating a museum where local residents and visitors to Solano County could access the rich and fascinating history of the region.  Now, in 2010, the mission of preservation has evolved and we are pleased to provide the region with a place to interact with our past, and use that interaction as a tool to explore the present and imagine the future. It is with great pleasure that we present to you, the long awaited and much anticipated Solano History Exploration Center.

Solano History Exploration Center

The mission of the Center is to encourage visitors of all ages to explore Solano County’s past, present and future through innovative education technology, hands-on discovery-based learning exhibits, museum programs, professionally managed collections, and partnerships with other cultural and historical entities. The History Exploration Center will be the first of its kind in the region, bringing a new and distinctive cultural and historical resource to the County. Although the establishment of the Center would be an asset to the County in any location, its ideal home is in one of the earliest established cities in this area:  Suisun City; established by Capt Josiah Wing.  Early on is was a vibrant port, shipping the rich agricultural products of the valleys and hillsides to U.S. coasts, and ultimately China, Japan and Australia.

Museum Vision

The Solano History Exploration Center’s multidisciplinary approach to history will lead visitors down the path to discovery. The first approach to be taken will be to collect, preserve, and interpret artifacts that tell the story of Central Solano County. These permanent and changing galleries will be an invaluable tool to educators. These galleries will ensure the preservation of important artifacts and documents. Along with these galleries will be a research library. It will preserve a collection of works and artifacts that can be studied to the benefit of learners of all ages. The second, but equally important, component is the hands-on gallery. Our goal is to create interactive exhibits that will engage young and old alike. By making visitors active participants in our shared history, we enable them to not only look and think, but to experience. By providing experiences, we can bring history to life. Only when history is alive can we truly begin to learn from it. A Solano History Exploration Center Technology Academy would be an essential part of what we believe will set us apart from other “discovery” museums surrounding our region. A Tech Academy will teach people the art of using a computer to convey a message.

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